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Maryland Telehealth Alliance has suspended operations temporarily as we restructure the organization’s focus and deployment of assets. We are not accepting new members during this time.


Our founding mission is to raise awareness of telehealth’s value and to reduce barriers to its adoption here in Maryland. In an odd twist of fate, the Covid19 virus has lit a rocket under telehealth awareness and adoption. Whether this sudden surge of acceptance and adoption will be sustaining is key to Maryland Telehealth Alliance’s future targeted efforts. Over the next months, we will canvas stakeholders for their views on whether telehealth in Maryland will continue to need our support and how best to allocate our resources.


If you are visiting our website to seek assistance with telehealth questions, please contact the MidAtlantic Telehealth Resource Center, the Maryland Health Care Commission or submit your question to and we will endeavor to point you in the right direction.




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Maryland Telehealth Alliance – also known as MTel – leverages the breadth of telehealth knowledge and expertise existing within our state into a collective resource.  Recognizing that the fragmented and isolated nature of Maryland’s telehealth programs and policies is itself a barrier to adoption, we aim to provide a dynamic collaborative platform for gathering, sharing and promoting this information.

If you are as excited about the future of telehealth in Maryland as we are, please add your voice to ours as advocates and a resource for telehealth.

Join our roster of volunteers. Your support knowledge and expertise will add even more value to our mission.


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MTel’s member community is itself a rich resource of expertise and know-how. Tap into this by joining and gain access to additional benefits.


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Available Webinars

Stay informed with MTel’s library of webinars on many different specialty topics. You will access accurate, clear, and actionable information that you won’t find anywhere else in Maryland, either in-person or online.


Regulations Governing the Practice of Telehealth in Maryland

A basic description of both federal and state laws on telehealth services, national trends in state regulation around telehealth, current and proposed Maryland telehealth regulations and the challenges facing telehealth companies and providers. Learn more


Ethical Concerns in a Telehealth Encounter

A review of the ethical considerations of healthcare generally and how they apply to telehealth. Discussion about how telehealth has enhanced the ‘democratization of healthcare’, equality and justice by enabling the delivery of healthcare services to those who would otherwise not have access. Learn more


Telehealth Technical Platforms and Equipment

Learn about the technical barriers to developing a telehealth/telemedicine strategy, how to identify technology that helps enable telehealth deployment and the security/privacy concerns applicable to the adoption of telehealth. Discussion of how clinical use drives the choice of the strategy behind a telehealth adoption plan and the choice of an effective technical platform. Learn more


Telehealth Reimbursement in Maryland

An overview of Maryland telehealth regulations including telehealth provider eligibility, locations authorized for telehealth services and how to register as a provider or a permitted location. We identify coding and billing for telehealth services and answer some frequently asked questions about how to get paid for telehealth services.  Learn more


"I am thankful that MTel leadership has organized this advocacy and education group for the advancement of telehealth in Maryland. We have needed an organized voice in Annapolis and a reliable group of experts for advice and knowledge when developing regulations."

Robert White, MA, LCPC University of Maryland, Department of Psychiatry, Director of Behavioral Health

"MTel leverages the diversity and expertise of their members and team to provide a wealth of knowledge and resources focused on telehealth policy, application and developments in Maryland.  MTel is committed to improving access to health care by identifying the use of telehealth and opportunities to leverage this technology to assist in the delivery of care.  The Maryland Hospital Association supports MTel’s advocacy efforts and the ability to bring the right stakeholders around the table to find solutions."

Jennifer Witten, Maryland Hospital Association, Vice President of Government Affairs

"The Maryland Telehealth Alliance is an important new addition to health care education and advocacy. Telehealth-delivered services are key to eliminating health barriers and access issues in our rural communities. The Maryland Rural Health Association, a member and strong supporter of MTel, is looking forward to continued collaboration with MTel on projects that will advance telehealth adoption in rural Maryland."

Lara D. Wilson, MS., Executive Director, Maryland Rural Health Association

“Maryland Telehealth Alliance helped us develop a 3-part webinar curriculum on telehealth that enabled us to offer CEUs to our volunteer counselors on a topic they’d expressed interest in learning about.  The educational content was excellent and reviews by the participants were very positive.  Working with MTel was easy and we’d be happy to do it again.  As a resource for telehealth information, we recommend MTel.”

Amy R. Greensfelder, LMSW, Executive Director, Pro Bono Counseling Project

Frequently Asked Questions

What is telehealth?

There is no one, commonly accepted definition of either ‘telehealth’ or ‘telemedicine’. It is also sometimes referred to as ‘digital health’, ‘virtual health’ or ‘connected health’. The American Telemedicine Association describes it succinctly as “technology-enabled health and care management and delivery systems that extend capacity and access. Learn more

Is there a difference between telehealth and telemedicine?

Yes. Telehealth is a broader concept. While telemedicine refers to the delivery of clinical care through telecommunications technology, telehealth includes non-clinical uses of this technology also related to health care such as patient self-monitoring, patient and provider education and health care records management. Learn more

What are the different kinds of telehealth?

Synchronous, store-and-forward, remote patient monitoring, mHealth, ePrescribing. These terms all refer to different modes of telehealth delivery. Learn more

Is telemedicine private and secure?

Yes, when it is used with an encrypted platform that is designed to be HIPAA compliant. Many common consumer applications are not secure enough on their own. Learn more

Will insurance pay for telehealth?

It depends. Private insurance, Medicare and Medicaid all will pay for some telemedicine-delivered services but they each have restrictions. Learn more

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If you are as excited about the future of telehealth in Maryland as we are, please add your voice to ours as advocates for telehealth.