It depends. Private insurance, Medicare and Medicaid all will pay for some telemedicine-delivered services but they each have restrictions.

Maryland is one of 30 states that, by law , require private insurers authorized to issue health insurance policies in Maryland to cover telehealth-delivered services in the same way as they cover the same services in-person. Just as in-person services may be restricted, telemedicine-delivered services are subject to those same restrictions such as pre-authorizations, co-pays, deductibles and annual payment or visit limits.

Be sure to pay attention to your insurer’s in-network and out-of-network providers and restrictions. They, too, apply to telehealth.

The Maryland law was passed in 2012. Since then telehealth technology has advanced rapidly and your insurer may cover more types of telehealth services than existed then. The best advice is to check directly with your insurer.