Entering the telehealth field can be a daunting task and attempting to select the best platform on your own can be a headache, too. While many vendors may say that they can do it all, depending on your specific situation, you may need multiple products from different vendors.

We recommend that you start by doing your own preliminary online research for products that are marketed to perform the specific type of telehealth service you are planning. The more specific you can define your intended use and need before you commit to buying, the easier your choice of equipment and transition into telehealth will be.

There are consultants, including one of our members, who can help you through this process. Please contact us if you want us to point you in that direction. Follow up with recommended vendors and ask for referrals from customers who are using that product in the same way you intend to use it. Take advantage of any free trials.

There are some legacy toolkits online that evaluate specific products for specific uses, however, because this technology is evolving so rapidly, what was state of the art then, may be old technology today. The MidAtlantic Telehealth Resource Center has a technical assistance service.